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  • ****  Hacksaw Ridge: A true story of Desmond T. Doss who risked his own life many times obsessed with a passion to save other lives on the battle field.  A war movie directed by Mel Gibson.  A must see!
  • ****  The Intern (PG-13).  Seasoned wisdom collides with millennial culture in this refreshing flick by the producer, Nancy Meyers.  Ben Whittaker (Robert De Nero) applies to the Senior Intern Program at an online, chic clothing company founded by Jules (Anne Hathaway), the workaholic founder of the business that is rapidly becoming a victim of its own success.  Neither condescending nor full of tired senior jokes, the movie is sweet, humorous, and thoughtful.
  • ***    Turner (R) 150 min. I waited with great expectation to see this film. I was disappointed that a more exemplary life was not chosen for this screen play.  It is about the genius and eccentricity of the artist, JMW Turner during the last quarter century of his life.  It begins with magical photography of the English countryside wrapped in somber music.  It goes downhill from here.  However, those who stick with this film will discover a socially-stunted, autistic painter of luminous seascapes.

Learn About Current Happenings

Welcome friends to my sketchpad. From time to time I will be posting recent paintings, sketches, tips for creating your travel journal, and posting upcoming events.

I often observe scenes while driving around my neck of the woods, thinking they might make good paintings. It may take months or possibly years, before I become motivated to capture a landscape in watercolor.

Richard Schilling has written best-selling and award winning books that will enrich any reader’s experience. Each book is filled with watercolor sketches and interesting stories. Your book will be autographed and if desired, include your special inscription.

Richard is an artist who depicts natural landscapes and monuments from across the world in an interpretive manner. One of Richard’s passions is to inspire and help others expanded their own horizons through his inspirational watercolor books and captivating paints. You are invited to visit the Gift Shop containing his art, books, and unique silver jewelry.