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One of Richard’s passions is to inspire and help others expand their horizons through his inspirational watercolor books and captivating paintings. Your comments are appreciated.


A blessing in our home

Hi Dick, Verla and I were talking about you and Marlene the other day. I thought, I wonder if he has a website. A Google search brought it up and I was impressed. We will have to look up some of your work. What a blessing it will be to display it in our home. Love you and miss you, Jim and Verla Crooks

Jim Crooks of Benson, AZ

A beautiful visual presentation

I LOVE the new site! A beautiful visual presentation. Just a delight to look at–and easy to navigate, as well. I have not seen your works on “Following Christopher Columbus” & “Mexico–What fun. (I really like the sketch books almost the best–the reader in me, I suppose:)) Seems like these days I rarely pass website links on, but this is one site I can’t wait to send to my family & friends! You continue to be an inspiration to us in many ways! Love, Heather

Heather of Kalamazo, MI

Love to you & Marlene

Dick, Heather sent me the link to your site since she knows I am a fan! (Your book sits on my end table and it getting dog-eared from wear.) I enjoyed the old site but the functionality of this is amazing! Congrats on the update that allows those who love your work to enjoy it even more 😀 love to you & Marlene, Kate

Kathleen Quinn (Heather's Mom) of St Simons, GA

I am awed by your work

As always Dick, I am awed by your work and talent. Wish some of it would have rubbed off, alas! My love to you and Marlene – thanks for sharing! Laine

Laine Renfro Sedillo of Santa Fe, NM

Your web site is awesome

Dick, your web site is awesome as is your work and your heart. I can’t wait to paint with you. You have been a great inspiration and have my admiration. My wife was thrilled with your kindness and the time you spent with us after your demonstration and book signing and your kind words of encouragement ment a lot to us both.

Bill Snow of Loveland, Co.

I admire your work

I also like to make watercolor sketches when I travel, and your book has been a valuable source of inspiration for me. My formal education is civil engineer but since retirement I have more time for my watercolor hobby. I admire your work as an artist and as a doctor. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Will be publishing another book soon?

Jim Kluttz of Cary, North Carolina

What a great showcase

I just visited the website. What a great showcase for your work. Very well done and easy to use. You are my favorite artist! I might be a bit predjudice, but honestly, you are an inspiration not only because of your incredible talent but also because of your generosity.

Jennie Schilling Lock of Lyons, CO

Longtime appreciation of your fine watercolors

Your website is just stunning. We have a longtime appreciation of your fine watercolors and do so look forward to your new book. You have been so gracious and generous with your talents, which are many.We send you many thanks for brightening our lives with your beautiful artwork , particularly enjoying your sense of colors, style and subjects. We are honored to be your friend and neighbor.

Mary and Dave Gullikson of Loveland, CO

Your book has inspired me

I purchased Watercolor Journeys some years ago and it is my most-loved art book! I also am an artist and your book has inspired me to log my own watercolor journeys in my sketchbooks. Right now I am having treatment for stage 4 cancer, but if things go well, I will order the new book you are publishing. Thank you for being an inspiration to me.

Misty Beauchamp of Naples/ FL / USA

What a wonderful inspiration

Just reread your book before going on vacation with a sketchbook and watercolors. What a wonderful inspiration with so many great sketches and a helpful commentary.

Phil Baker of Solana Beach, CA

I love your work and enjoy the pictures

You know I love your work and enjoy the pictures that I have. You are so incredibly talented. Now I want to see your Willa Cather book! See you in October!!

Mary Sue Hutchins of Oakland, CA

What a wonderful talent you have

I have just finished reading, pondering and devouring your book. It is absolutely wonderful – every aspect: the quotes from Cather’s book, your commentary and of course, the paintings. All of these have engraved an image of Nebraska in my mind – so much so that I actually want to go back there and explore. What a wonderful achievement. And what a wonderful talent you have and are sharing with others as Willa Cather did. Congratuatlions. I am honored to know you and to experience this book. your book. It is absolutely wonderful – every aspect: the quotes from Cather’s book, your commentary and of course, the paintings. All of these have engraved an image of Nebraska in my mind – so much so that I actually want to go back there and explore. What a wonderful achievement. And what a wonderful talent you have and are sharing with others as Willa Cather did. Congratuatlions. I am honored to know you and to experience this book.

Frances Bostwick of Loveland, Colorado

Honor to know such a fine artist

Hello, Richard! I am a fellow Rotarian/Artist and read all about you in the current Rotarian with great pleasure. It is an honor to know such a fine artist as yourself shares my own support for Rotary! If you are ever in the Pacific Northwest (I live on Vancouver Island in Canada) it would be wonderful to meet you in person!I will look for a copy of your book today.

Marilyn Timms of Vancouver Island, Canada

Adding work to my library

I am a Rotarian, a CPA and an artist. I saw the article on you in the January Rotarian magazine. I enjoyed it and I look forward to adding your Portraits of the Praries to my library. I, too, enjoy painting while traveling for Rotary and personal reasons. Polly Marsh

Polly Powell Marsh of Lawrenceburg, TN

Loved your renditions

My husband and I visited your show at the Loveland Museum/Gallery today and absolutley loved your renditions. My husband grew up in NE and enjoyed them very much. I only wish that I could paint w/c as well as you. Thank you for the inspiration.

Marilyn Akeson of Longmont, CO

Pleasure meeting you

It was such a pleasure meeting you at the recent “Portraits of the Prairie” exhibit at the Loveland Gallery. I am happy to now be the proud owner of “Road Closed!” and will treasure it. How lucky we are to have you among us here in Northern Colorado.

Maggie Brown of Loveland, CO

Enjoyed your stories

I thoroughly enjoyed your stoies of Russia as you worked on my dentures many years ago. I have returned to the world of watercolor, but I won’t put you out of work.

Glen Dunahoo of Loveland, CO

Enjoyed Watercolor Journeys

Enjoyed your Watercolor Journeys. Am packing my bags.

Kathleen Scheinberg of Austin, TX

Great talent you have

What a great talent you have. Sorry I cannot afford your artwork, I guess I’ll have to go back to work. Love you and your work. Congratulations. Sincerely, Bob

Dr. Robert Parkinson of Scottsdale, AZ

Just Finished Reading “Watercolor Journey”

Dear Richard I just finished reading your wonderful book “Watercolor Journey” I recognized the painting on page 25 – Ship Creek in Anchorage AK. I was stationed at Elmendorf AFB back in 1981. I lived there for 17 years. I now live in Chapin, SC. Last summer I took a fast sketch/watercolor class for sketchbook journanling. In May we will be going to Italy for a 10 day sketchbook watercolor adventure with the same teacher. Your book is an inspiration. I actually found the book on Amazon via the Ventress Library in Marshfield MA

Roger Buenzow of Chapin, SC

Web site is great!

This web site is great, thanks for having it here, I pulled it up at home on our larger screen rather than on my cell phone screen. I love your sketching style with watercolor!

carl elliott of Timnath,Colorado

Captures the moment

I always aspire to recognize the myriad of beauties in this world. To then capture such sights on canvas is beyond my wildest dreams. But then…there is no need to do so, because Richard Schilling captures the moment, preserves precious scenes for all to behold, absorb, study, linger, and then savor beyond the split second passing. What a blessing to know this man and his charming wife, and then have access to his work.

Daryle Klassen of Loveland, Colorado

Schilling is a fine artist who depicts natural landscapes and monuments from across the world. He offers viewers the chance to experience the world's natural beauties. He also offers books and jewelry for his viewers to enjoy.


I am in the studio painting again after another action-packed year of travel and exhibitions. A volunteer mission to the Amazon provided many opportunities for watercolor sketches after clinic hours. A visit to Switzerland also filled another sketchbook.


Richard Schilling has brought people across the world a lot of joy with his work. He prides himself on inspiring and helping to expand horizons. Whether it is through his inspirational books, or captivating works of art, people view his body of work with a sense of wonder.


Richard's recent exhibition for "Out of This World" was featured at the Rez Art Exhibit. The exhibitions featured paintings inspired by imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope.