I recently returned from Norway where I cruised the Atlantic coast on a “working ship” which serviced 35 towns and villages.  I was able to paint 35 watercolors in varying sizes during the stops which lasted anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

I am home now and working to promote my latest book, Portraits Of The Sandhills—In Words And Watercolors.  It can be purchased from the Gift Shop, Amazon.com, or by contacting me by email: WWWatercolorist@comcast.net.

I have added a new line of hand-crafted silver jewelry called Richard Schilling Designs.  Many years ago while attending the University of Nebraska I studied silversmithing.  It became a natural adjunct to my practice of dentistry. For many years I cast and fabricated silver and gold jewelry for my friends and family. More recently, I researched the market for Nebraska-themed designs.  Having found none, I introduced a line of pendants using Nebraska and the University as themes for women. Images of these pendants can be found in the Gift Shop.