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In Lesson One I discussed how to select the right sketchbook for your purpose.  Here is a check list of items you may wish to carry in your pack.


  • Your favorite graphite pencil (No. 2 will work), a kneaded eraser, and a black gel or rollerball pen.  A pen with permanent ink is preferred with a nib size of .5 mm. (extra fine).  I like to make ink drawings when traveling.  They can be finished pieces in themselves, or I can add watercolor to enhance the pictures.
  • Bring some paper clamps along to hold down the extra pages from flapping in the breeze.
  • A Watercolor travel set is a basic requirement for a journal artist.  Check out these brands: Da Vinci Watercolor Set in Travel Tin, Winsor & Newton’s Cotman Pocket Travel Set, Schmincke, and Sennelier travel sets.
  • Brushes:  Some travel sets include a small brush.  I prefer the travel brushes that have covers to protect the sable points.  They are more expensive but are worth the price for protection.  Start with a No. 6 brush and add others as you find the need.
  • A small plastic folding water cup and a small bottle of water.  If you have none, be creative.  Find a paper cup or something nearby that will hold a small amount of water.


  • TomBow Dual Brushes:  These are watercolors that are delivered from individually colored brushes.  They do not contain alcohol as many others do.  Individual colors can be selected, or a “Landscape Series” pack may be purchased.  The colors can be intense.  I would suggest selecting 6 or 8 single brushes that are not dark in chroma.
  • Dr. Ph. Martin’s Fine Art Watercolor:  I suggest carrying a small bottle of Burnt Umber and a small brush to add shading and 3-dimension to ink sketches.  It can be very effective.
  • A tablet of watercolor postcard blanks and a few postcard postage stamps.


Learn About Current Happenings

Welcome friends to my sketchpad. From time to time I will be posting recent paintings, sketches, tips for creating your travel journal, and posting upcoming events.

I often observe scenes while driving around my neck of the woods, thinking they might make good paintings. It may take months or possibly years, before I become motivated to capture a landscape in watercolor.

Richard Schilling has written best-selling and award winning books that will enrich any reader’s experience. Each book is filled with watercolor sketches and interesting stories. Your book will be autographed and if desired, include your special inscription.

Richard is an artist who depicts natural landscapes and monuments from across the world in an interpretive manner. One of Richard’s passions is to inspire and help others expanded their own horizons through his inspirational watercolor books and captivating paints. You are invited to visit the Gift Shop containing his art, books, and unique silver jewelry.